Mumma Blessing Ceremonies!

I am SO excited to now offer Mumma Blessing Ceremonies!!!!

What is a Mumma Blessing Ceremony you might ask?
Well, it's my take on the 'Blessingway' ceremony. A beautiful ritual that was crafted by the navajo people many many years ago as a way of coming together to celebrate with the new Mother and instil a wonderful sense of community, hope and excitement for her impending arrival.

It's definitely nothing like a 'baby shower' where you might find that the focus of those parties are on buying gifts for the baby and playing cheesy games.
At a Mumma Blessing Ceremony the attention rather, is placed on the beautiful mother to be. Sharing positive birth stories and pieces of literature are just a couple ways that all the guests can empower the Mumma and make her feel relaxed and positive about her new journey into motherhood.
A special necklace or bracelet can be made by all the guests for the Mum to wear during labour. Or perhaps everyone can decorate a candle that they will keep and then light when they find out that the mother is in labour. (What a lovely thought having all your favourite ladies lighting their candles for you and sending all their positive vibes your way whilst you bring your new little bubba into the world!)

With everyone's blessings, stories or poems, 
a special scrapbook or memento can be made for the new Mum. Anything really can be incorporated into this super special celebration (Even some fun belly henna painting!) A shared meal afterwards is always a nice way to finish the ceremony and to make it easy on the hosts, all the guests can bring a plate to share.
It's a chance for all the important women in her life to rally together, perhaps come with prepared frozen meals for the Mumma to help her ease into her first few weeks with her baby. 

Think of it as a beautifully orchestrated ceremony where the Mother to be is made to feel wonderful and most importantly..supported! 
As a Celebrant I would LOVE to help you create a unique and special Mumma Blessing Ceremony!!!