Living Funerals, a lovely chance to say goodbye. 

Living Funerals, a lovely chance to say goodbye. 

Living Funerals are a wonderful chance for you to say goodbye to all of your most favourite people, in exactly the way you want it done.

It would be my greatest honour to help you create something special; whether that's a party, an intimate gathering, a touching ceremony or you might want me to simply facilitate a space for everyone to come and say goodbye to you in person. 

I have oodles of ideas that we can go through together so that you can choose exactly the right kind of way you'd like to throw your last hurrah. 

Here are a few options...

  • Everyone can bring a plate and over a yummy lunch, everyone can share stories and their fondest memories of you. We can have someone share a eulogy, I can write one, or you may even want to write your own!
  • I can organise a schedule so you can speak with your chosen guests one by one over the course of the day. We can host it at someone's home, a beautiful park or even at lovely restaurant or cafe.
  • If you're feeling up to it, we can have everyone partake in some of your favourite activities. You might even like for everyone to write in a book, decorate your coffin or attend a special video/slideshow. 

I can help set up/pack up, organise catering, guest lists and rsvps, liaise with staff/family and friends to make sure your living funeral goes exactly to plan. That's the best thing about a Living Funeral!! You get to choose everything and be there to enjoy it. Things might get very emotional but that's more than ok! I'll be there to ensure your final goodbye is smooth sailing. 

Living Funerals are charged at $65 per hour for as little or as long as you need me. xox