FAQ about absolutely everything! 


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What is your fee?

For weddings my fee is $1055.

My Elope with Julia Fee is $555.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A deposit of $355 is due upon confirmation of your booking. The remaining amount is due one month before the ceremony.

When is this fee due?


The deposit is due upon confirmation of your booking. (I will allow 10 days for the deposit to be paid) this locks in your ceremony date and time with Julia.

And the remainder of your fee is due exactly one month before your wedding day. This includes

  • Purchasing and lodgement of all legal paperwork
  • A beautiful calligraphied Marriage Certificate
  • Writing your ceremony which can undergo unlimited changes and editing until you’re happy with it.
  • Travel costs to and from meetings, rehearsals and Wedding venue within Melbourne.
  • Time spent at meetings, rehearsals and Wedding. 
  • Use of Celebrant property i.e. PA system, signing table and two chairs, signing pen, books on vows, readings etc.  Please scroll down for information on my PA system.

Is travel included in your fee?

If your wedding venue is within an hour’s drive of Melbourne, no extra charges are made. 

Regional Victoria Travel $250

Interstate Travel $500

Can I pay in instalments?

You can however agreed amounts need to be confirmed with me beforehand.

Can I pay before the due date?

I would prefer it if you didn’t as this fee structure works better for me as a small business owner.

Will you send a reminder when it is due?

Yes! Every Monday I do my accounts and will send you an email reminder the week that your fee is due. This will be followed up by a text or phone call if it is late.



Will I receive a receipt?

Yes! Every Monday I email out receipts to all of those clients who have made payments the week before.

What are your bank details?

 Bank: ANZ
 ANZ Money Go App:  (0402916245)

Account Details:  Julia Handford
 Branch No: (BSB) 013- 344
 Account Number:  5401- 80962
Paypal: PayPal details can be given upon request.


Can I pay in cash?

You are welcome to pay the deposit in cash if you bring it along to the first meeting, otherwise I request that you make an online bank transfer for the deposit, and then again for the remaining fee.


Julia’s Celebrancy Services also offers these fun little Wedding Extras!!!


Beautiful calligraphy on Wedding invitations or name place cards:  $0.70 per name. $1 for a full first name and surname

My Contact Details


If you need to contact me, Skype me, send me forms etc. here are my details!

Name: Mrs Julia Handford

Phone number: 0402 916 245

Postal Address:  Please email me for these details.

Email Address: julia@juliascelebrancyservices.com.au

Website:  www.juliascelebrancyservices.com.au

Skype ID: juliadoeven with the email address juliadoeven5@gmail.com


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Questions about my PA System, and ceremony music!!!


My PA system is included in your ceremony fee so you are more than welcome to use it!

Does the PA system require a power outlet?


NO! My PA is battery operated, so it can work anywhere. I simply charge it the night before your wedding and it is good to go for about 8 hours of playing time.

Does it have a microphone?


Yes. It has a built in wireless microphone (hand held) which I use for most weddings… depending on what the acoustics are like in your chosen venue or what your preferences are. This microphone can be used for anyone needing to speak during the ceremony (i.e. for people saying readings, or you may choose to use it for your vows etc)


Can we use your PA system for our ceremony music? And at the rehearsal?


Yes of course you can!! However I will require you to choose a “music person” who is in charge of pressing play/stop etc. during the Wedding. Invite the music person to come along to the rehearsal or at least tell the music person to arrive extra early on the Wedding day so I can show them how to use my system.

What type of format does our ceremony music have to be on to work through your PA system?

My PA has a built in c.d player, iPod outlet and a USB outlet, and also an outlet so you can amplify live music on a guitar etc. through my system.

How many songs do I need for the ceremony?

Choose one song for the walk down the aisle, 2 to 3 songs for the signing of the certificates and a final song for walking back down the aisle after the ceremony.

Can we use your PA system before and after the ceremony?

I will set up my PA system as soon as I arrive at your wedding so you are welcome to use it to play “pre-ceremony” music. However after the ceremony I usually leave within 15 minutes or so, so if you require my PA system for longer than this, you are welcome to hire it for $60 per hour that is if I do not have another Wedding or event to go to.


Rehearsal Questions….

Do we need a rehearsal?

 No, you only need one if it is going to give you piece of mind on the day. I am happy with either option you choose.

How long do the rehearsals take?

I allow one hour for rehearsals however they can sometimes just take 20 minutes or so, depending on if you want to practise the walk down the aisle a few times etc.

To rehearse or not to rehearse?? In this little movie I talk about the pros and cons of having a wedding rehearsal, what to be mindful of and who needs to be involved. Enjoy!

Who should we invite, or who needs to come to the rehearsal?

As long as you and your partner are there, that is all that matters. Bridal parties are welcome however it is not essential. Only invite people who are able to attend On Time! Bridesmaids usually like to be there, however groomsmen are pretty much just required to stand there during the wedding, so rehearsing for them isn’t necessary.

Also your ceremony music and chosen music man/lady should be at the rehearsal, or at least tell the music person to arrive extra early on the wedding day so I can show them how to use my system.

When should we have the rehearsal?

I like to schedule in the rehearsal for some time during the week of the wedding.

Ultimately it’s up to you, some venues have a “settlement meeting” and try to line up your rehearsal for the same day. If you arrange your rehearsal with me well in advance I will be more available and flexible with times. I offer two types of rehearsals. A casual rehearsal at a café or we can do a more formal rehearsal at your venue however it will need to be within work hours mon-friday.

Will you bring your PA system to the rehearsal?


What do we need to bring to the rehearsal?

Your ceremony music, and also if you can, bring the person in charge of playing the music!

Also if you have not yet showed me your documents, it is crucial that they are brought with you to your rehearsal (i.e. Divorce papers, original birth certificates, original extracts, passports etc.) I can’t legally get you guys married unless I sight these ORIGINAL documents.


Questions on my wedding etiquette and policies/procedure


What do you wear to Weddings?

I usually ask the Bride and Groom what their colour scheme is so I can blend in with your bridal party/flowers etc. The last thing I would want is to arrive in bright blue, if everyone is in baby pinks etc. I think it is important to match my attire with your theme so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb in your Wedding photos! You are always welcome to request certain attire if you prefer no black, or certain colours to be worn etc.

How early do you get to the wedding before starting time?

I’m usually at the Wedding about 30 to 35 minutes before it starts, so I can set up my PA system, speak to the readers/musicians and music person, and then get the groomsmen sorted.

What is your ceremony style?

Relaxed, professional, sincere, light hearted, fun and a little bit romantic (of course you have full say into what goes into the ceremony script, so you can tailor it to be more serious and traditional if you like, as I am quite easy going and am happy to cater to your style) If I was to use 4 words to describe my style I’d use.. SIMPLE, RELAXED, SINCERE and FUN!

How long do your ceremonies usually go for?

Every wedding goes for exactly 23 minutes! Just joking… however that is a pretty good estimate… Anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes, longer if you have live music, lots of readings etc., or shorter if you just want the bare minimum.

Do you do more than one wedding per day?

Absolutely! This is my full time job and I won’t pass up another wedding if I have plenty of time to do it! I give myself a standard 3 hour rule for multiple Weddings on one day… If your wedding is at 3.30pm, I won’t book in another one unless it is on or before 12.30pm or after 6.30pm. This gives me one hour for your Wedding, one hour to drive to the next one and one hour to get ready/prepare/set up/pack up etc.


The Legal Paperwork

What kind of legal paperwork is involved?


All up there are 2 forms I need you to sign before the wedding day. The Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) and then the Declaration form.

When do these need to be completed?


I like to get the NOIM done during the first consultation with you, if this isn’t possible, then I will arrange a second meeting with you. At the latest it NEEDS to be filled out at least one month before your Wedding.

The Declaration form is signed at the rehearsal, if you do not want or need a rehearsal I will arrange to have you sign this form just before the Wedding starts.


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Who fills out the forms?

I fill them out with you! Or if we don't get the chance to meet in person before the wedding day you can post the NOIM to me and have it signed by an authorised person.

Do we have to fill out the forms in person?

For the NOIM, not necessarily. You can fill it out with a Police Officer and then send it to me (A popular option if you are currently living overseas) there is a link to download the form on my website and my postal address is in the contact details of this FAQ section. I must receive this form by the same deadline (one month before your Wedding)


What other legals are involved?

I legally NEED to sight both of your Original Birth Certificates or Original extracts or a Passport.

I will also need to see a copy of your Divorce Decree or a spouses Death Certificate if you have been married before.

You also need 2 witnesses at the wedding. They have to be over 18 and understand english. Please email me their FULL NAMES (middle names included) as these will already be prepared on your marriage certificates before the wedding starts.


Will photo copies or certified copies do?

NO it must be an Original copy of the certificate or passport.

Do you need a copy of these documents?

I only need to sight the originals, so don’t worry about making any copies for me!


What if I don’t have an Original copy of my birth certificate?

You can apply for one (for those born in Australia) through Births Deaths and Marriages website using this link.


If you were born overseas and DON'T have an original birth certificate and DON'T have a valid foreign passport or an expired passport, please let me know as we will need to fill out a statutory declaration form together. But first try to see if you can apply for one in the country where you were born. If there is no way of getting one, then Stat Dec is the way to go!

CHANGE OF NAME INFORMATION/Marriage certificates etc.


HOW DO i change my name?


Ok let me explain this for you...

Getting married doesn't automatically change your name for you. Many people choose to go about their lives as per usual with their maiden names after marriage and many people want to change their name asap!

What marriage DOES do however, is it entitles the Bride to take the Groom's surname if she wants to.

This doesn't just happen though.

Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM)  firstly need to process your marriage papers, so wait a while after the wedding... like really wait. Like wait for about 3 months! (Unfortunately i'm not joking as BDM are currently taking over 50 business days to process wedding papers)

In the meantime you can certainly change your name with all your non-legal stuff i.e Facebook, your library card, your online account with Krispy Creme delivery etc :) However all the important peeps... i.e VicRoads, Medicare, the bank etc will want to see your official marriage papers (which BDM are currently processing) so hold on for those first 3 months..

So once your 3 months are up, here's what you can do

How can I apply for my “Official Marriage Certificate?”


Use this link to apply for your certificate through Births Deaths and Marriages.  Or go to BDM on Collins St in Melbourne and you can pick it up on the spot! ($30.50... priced at May, 2016)


Once this is done and you have that official marriage certificate in your hands, bring this to everyone you would like to officially change your name with and Bob's your uncle! :) Maybe bring along some more ID too as I know that to change your passport over to a new surname, they also require to see your birth certificate... pain in the bum hey! 

Anyway that's how it's done.


Which Marriage Certificate will I receive on my Wedding day?


You will retain your decorative copy of your marriage certificate which may help you with certain things, however it is always good to have more copies than one, so simply apply for your official one through Births Deaths and Marriages when you’re ready.

If you have any further questions regarding this please contact Births Deaths and Marriages.

What do I do once I’m married?


You live happily ever after of course! And you should head on over to Julia’s Celebrancy Services on Facebook and Instagram and share my page to all your family and friends!


I always appreciate honest feedback also so you are welcome to write a review!! 3 great places for reviews are on Easy Weddings, My Google business page, and on Facebook! Here's the links to all three.